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w pobliżu Rovinj, Istarska (Hrvatska)

It ranges from Rovinj to Rovinjsko the gentle slope.
Check-in Šorići and the road leads us to Krmed. The main road we continue to Golas.
We're going to St. Bembo surrounded by old buildings and nature.
Stancija Bembo, once the most beautiful estate in the Bala area. The owners were noble family Bembo. But today the ruins testify to the former beauty complex wealthy family.
End Homesteads Bembo there is a monument at the site of the founding of the first battalion "Pino Budicin" (founded in 1943), which testifies to the commitment of the Italian people of Istria in the NOB.
We continue down to the sea. We are entering into a tourist campsite Villas Rubin and through him to the nature park "Golden Cape".
Zlatni rt "is the most important park on the Adriatic coast. With thousands of indigenous and domesticated plants, such as community-oak and Aleppo pine, in this age-old shade is also created by many foreign plants - cedar, pine and some ten species of cypress, which all contribute to the Mediterranean atmosphere.
Closed for the operation of motor vehicles, Park Forest Golden Cape is a favorite destination for many sportsmen and nature lovers. Cycling or walking tour you can start with the sea, the newly refurbished beaches or enjoying the deeply shaded main trail that cuts through the forest park in the middle.
We return then to Rovinj.


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