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Współrzędne 1958

Uploaded 21 lipca 2019

Recorded lipca 2019

1 200 m
1 080 m
12,73 km

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w pobliżu Platak, Primorsko-Goranska (Hrvatska)

Note: this trail combines some of the officially marked bike trails on Platak, P2 Pribeniš and P3 Stari breg + some unsuccessful improv. The trails can be found on the Rijeka Bike website/app.

Starting, we're following the route of trail P3 Stari breg. At the Intersection #3 the improv starts, and an unsuccessful one at that. We had to ultimately turn back where we came because we couldn't find a connecting circular path. So, you can safely ignore the part of this route, after Intersection #3.

So, if you turn left at that intersection (follow the 5/7 trail designation) you will end up on the P2 Pribeniš trail - which is a nice and enjoyable ride. Gravel and asphalt, some ascents and descents, but nothing too extreme. Trail is mostly easy, but some slopes have loose gravel and bigger stones so some moderate skill and stamina is required. Trail is largely in the natural shade.

Intersection #1


Intersection #2


Intersection #3

Turn left here (follow sign for route 5/7). This will leave you on the official P2 Pribeniš trail. We went right, wanting to mix trails and planned to circle back, unsuccessfully.

Intersection #4

We turned left here, thinking this branching path would circularly connect us back, but it didn't. I suggest you don't follow our trail here, but turn back to return to P2 Pribeniš. Or, if you continue forward instead of turning left, you may complete trail P3 Stari breg.

Intersection #5

We tried cutting it through the woods here, pushing the bikes. Too overgrown.

Intersection #6

Follow the path left, towards Platak.

Intersection #7


Intersection #8


    You can or this trail