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w pobliżu Lythrodóntas, Eparchía Lefkosías (Cyprus)

cycling route with start end point lithrodontas village.the first 6 km are uphill so take it with care. At the 6th km point you will reach tha abandoned monastery of profitis Ilias.then another 4 km easy up to pette dam for a quick stop and water refill. after that, 4km of easy downhill and the last 4km after is just an oppurtunity to enzoy the scenery.

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  • Zdjęcie VvonHistria

    VvonHistria 2016-11-05

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Thanks to TED QWERTY for the trail, we did it the last weekend (15 OCT). The views are very pretty and we saw a small ceremony at the prophet Elias monastery, folks were praying for the rain. The terrain is very easy, all wide dirt roads. The uphill section of the trail is exposed to sun, not much shade, so you don't want to be cycling in the summer.

  • Cath Robinson 2017-02-22

    I have followed this trail  zweryfikowane  View more

    Easy to follow trail with great views. It's basically a fireroad climb and descent with nothing particularly technically challenging but still an enjoyable hour or so on the bike.

  • Zdjęcie Jaryn81

    Jaryn81 2018-04-22

    Very nice trail for approx 2 hrs easy ride, the trail is easy to follow with beautiful views

  • Zdjęcie SimonAnglos

    SimonAnglos 2018-05-01

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Cycled the other way round: Lythrodontas to Kyprovasa to Pr Elias and down to village. Middle section alongside quiet valley of pines and lovely views on the way back fro Pr Elias.

  • Zdjęcie cloucaides

    cloucaides 2018-12-09

    I have followed this trail  View more

    This is a scenic route through the forest, there is no single trail but wide dirt road. Nice stop for breakfast at Profitis Elias.

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