• Film Kionia to Manta tou kampiou (Kakokefalos)

Czas  45 minut

Współrzędne 456

Uploaded 10 lutego 2013

Recorded lutego 2013

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1 197 m
642 m
5,16 km

Obejrzane 2005 razy, pobrane 35 razy

w pobliżu Kionia, Nicosia (Cyprus)

Kakokefalos trail from Kiona to Mantra tou kampiou

Some video footage shot on this trail can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfcfAXUdITk

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  • Zdjęcie SavvasIPapaiacovou

    SavvasIPapaiacovou 2019-09-24

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Amazing views and several technical switch back turns while going down. I 've done this trail in 2018 and again few days ago and saw that it continues to deteriorate which makes some parts even more fun but a spot here and there forcing me to get off the bike. While you come down this trail about a mile or so off the start point someone placed a sign to turn right instead of going straight. I tied this couple of days ago; it gets you to the same end place but takes you through another fun trail, a bit easier but still technical with some man-made jumps. Enjoy!

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