1 300 m
628 m
32,43 km

Obejrzane 28 razy, pobrane 2 razy

w pobliżu Laich, Bayern (Deutschland)

We found this ride in "Das Mountainbike-Buch", "Bayrische Voralpen". Which is of an extraordinay quality, but as far as I know only in German.

The Ride starts in the little village of Jachenau at Schützenhaus. The first couple of kilometers are easy with even a bit of trail in there. But back on the dirt road the steep climb begins for quite a long way! With pieces of about 14/15% (6,5°) increase. Finally at the top the trail fun begins. Here it's time to put on your extra protection.
A really technical single trail in a beautiful landscape brings leads you in the direction of Ortereralm. The finish of this trail piece is very difficult with tight switchbacks/kick turns and step-offs. A really good trail technique is nescesarry in this section. This is after about 12 km in the saddle. This tiny little mountain hut is only open during the weekend for drinks and food.
Next stage is a long loose rock road down the mountain. It's now and then if you ride through a riverbed!
At the bottom you arrive on a dirt road. Just below the road you turn left into a single trail which goes slightly uphill and continues over 2 km. Back on the road you descent towards Café Giggerer. Beautiful terrace to have lunch if Ortereralm was closed.
From here another 500m vertical have to be overcome (11/12%). Just before the top you make hard turn right on to a singel trail which dissapears into the threes. Beautiful trail but some parts are hard to ride because the trail is washed away down the mountain. You finish on a beautiful Alm where the protection can be put back on.
The first part of the descent is on dirt road till you suddenly go left on to a trail which leads to the river. Through the river on to the other side you have to continue over roots. This little part is not rideable anymore... But it's not very long and behind the fence the path continues quite flowy through the forest to finish again in a kind of riverbed!
The last part of the tour is rolling back over the dirt road into Jachenau and have big drink and something to eat at the Schützenhaus.

Vertical: 1250 m
Single trail: 10 km
Level: S0-S3


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