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w pobliżu Áno Sími, Crete (Greece)

This journey begins at circa 1200 m elevation, and highest point reached on the col is 1326m (according to gps) which means that most of it is descent, therefore the "easy" label. However, be aware that you would better use a MTB like I did (preferably with strong tires) because the stones are sharp on those high altitude dirt roads or pathes.

A friend drove me from nearby village of Kato Simi up to start point at a cross, near Minoan ruins, where you go either west (on the way to Amiron plateau, this will be another trail), or right to the east, which is the path I followed.

The beginning is steep but this steep part is limited to roughly half a km, after which progression is made on a kind of plateau with a few up and downs, and after some sheepfolds, an old but magnificent little church can be visited (the key, huge, is on the lock).

It is approximatively at this point that the G map ends the dirt road, but you can still continue and perform the last ascent up to the col. The track is not in good conditions and could only be passed on a 4 wheels car, by the way.

The descent then begins through a pine forest with a far reaching view on the eastern side, giving from time to time a panoramic view of the entire region up to the south coast, and of the Males valley that widens east. At some point, still in high altitude, the dirt road passes close to some telecommunication antennas and it is there I found the remains of a huge tree struck by lightning: the tree must have been huge (see picture with bike next to remaining trunk) and literally exploded, there are remains of burned branches spread over 50 m). This gave me some after-thoughts because I had intended to perform this trip on previous day, was delayed and meanwhile a storm occurred in the same area. Anyway, this gives credit to the school's saying that says never hide under a big tree during a storm...

Going further down was really enjoyable, with enough shade and limited temperature, less so when leaving the forest part, from that perspective.

I must admit that I had initially planned to go further along the valley up to the Minos site but when I realized that I had missed the junction it was too late, I did not attempt to go back ascending because of the required effort and furthermore I had an appointment set at Mirtos that I would have certainly missed.

That is how I continued the journey to Mirtos, reaching the asphalt road above the village of Riza, and continuing all the way down.


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