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w pobliżu Diamantina, Minas Gerais (Brazil)

The traveler of the Estrada Real (Royal Road) begins his journey in Diamantina which became one of the most important regions of the Brazilian colonial era when diamonds were discovered there in about 1730. Diamantina is a living museum with well-preserved period churches and mansions, several of which were once owned by important historical figures. The city boasts a well-developed tourist infrastructure and visitors can discover not only its historical and cultural treasures, including the Caminho dos Escravos, or Slave Road (a well-preserved vestige of the original Estrada Real), but also its many beautiful waterfalls and caves. The nearby hamlet of Biribiri is worth a detour to experience its tranquility and observe some of the typical handicrafts of Minas Gerais in the making.

Between Diamantina and São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras, the main attraction is the road itself as it winds through the highlands of the Serra de Espinhaço (the Backbone Range). The striking, even mystical beauty of the landscape, with the iconic majesty of the peak of Itambé often visible in the distance, invites the traveler to stop frequently to take photos.

The road then descends to the tiny, peaceful village of Vau, after passing a rural inn which offers the only available guest accommodations en route to São Gonçalo.

Just outside of Vau, there are two traditional stops: a section of the original stone paving of the Estrada Real used by the tropeiros and an 18th century bridge that crosses the Jequitinhona River, the natural boundary between the municipalities of Diamantina and Serro. The road is in good repair, but the traveler should be careful during rainy periods.

From the bridge, the road climbs to the bucolic village of São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras, settled during the gold rush in the middle of the 18th century. Highlights include the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, the Matriz of São Gonçalo, and several beautiful waterfalls, one of them in the center of town with a 60 meter cascade. São Gonçalo is well-equipped to receive tourists.

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4 Opinie

  • Zdjęcie Anderson

    Anderson 2009-06-09

    Beautiful, didn't know about this great trail. Thanks for sharing


  • Zdjęcie daniel (Bob)

    daniel (Bob) 2011-10-29

    Já estive neste lugar ,e realmente lindo.

  • Zdjęcie alexrodrigues2017

    alexrodrigues2017 2013-03-18

    Estou pensando em fazer estrada real de bike.

    o trecho em mente é de Diamantina a Ouro Preto, mas acho que estico até a região do Vale do Paraíba

    alguma dica essencial??


  • Zdjęcie Hélio Jr

    Hélio Jr 2015-08-05

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Praticamente só subida e descida. Serra do Espinhaço dispensa comentários. Alguns km's foram asfaltados após Diamantina, mas o asfalto termina no meio de um descidão e um pouco antes de uma curva fechada. Ter atenção.

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