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w pobliżu Al Karshah, Musandam (Sultanate of Oman)

This is the EPIC RIDE from Oman Dibba to Khasab. Full day. One way with an overnight stay in Khasab and back to Dibba next day. The road is closed and controlled by Oman police in the middle - Wadi Beih. You actually need a permit to cross but I agreed with them that I will be back next day and they let me pass. Even more - border police guys gave me a ride on their car to climb to the second mountain - about 1200m up! If not I would finish very late at night if not morning)). You can make this ride partly if not crossing the controlled point - better from Khasab side. Real total climb 2634 m!

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  • manuel.schmidt 2019-12-16

    How did you get on with getting water on that tour?

  • kuzya747 2019-12-25

    Got full backpack 2-3 small cans of coke

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