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w pobliżu  Arima, Arima (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

Ready, set, let's go together. First you will need to grab a cycling helmet for we do things a bit differently today. We will start with an early morning cycle from the Santa Rosa Church in Arima up the mountain to Brasso Seco to join Island Hikers' on their trek to Double River and Sobo Falls. It's a great combination to tax your enthusiasm and spirit. Hopefully the enthusiasm can be enough to make the journey. The cycling route will take us along the Arima-Blanchecuisse road, a narrow scenic trip up the mountain pass. It's about 10 miles of steady uphill climbing followed by about 4.5 mile fast downhill trills into Brasso Seco Village. Then we link up with Island Hikers trek to both falls.
It's then back out to the Visitor's Centre for the heart-stopping climb to the ridge then another fast pace longer decent into Arima. This descent made all the more trilling after the hard climb from Brasso Seco. Speeds up to 35 miles per hour clocked on the GPS. However caution needs to be exercised due to the sometimes rough roads. At one point my back wheel skidded a bit in a turn on some loose debris. All in a day's (work),play.

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  • jelypo 2018-05-26

    Hi Samuel, are the waterfalls included in your tracks? Are they really that close to Brasso Seco Road?

  • Zdjęcie Samuel Furlonge

    Samuel Furlonge 2018-06-01

    Yes, both waterfalls are included on this track. It's just off the Brasso Seco Road. The second Sobo waterfall trail may be a little overgrown now as it is not a popular destination like Double river falls.

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