• Zdjęcie Raba 2016
  • Zdjęcie Raba 2016
  • Zdjęcie Raba 2016
  • Zdjęcie Raba 2016
  • Zdjęcie Raba 2016
  • Zdjęcie Raba 2016

Czas  5 dni 23 godzin

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Uploaded 7 sierpnia 2016

Recorded sierpnia 2016

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w pobliżu  Szentgotthárd, Vas megye (Magyarország)

day 1.
Behind Szentgotthard a difficult section: numerous trees in the riverbed and overgrown shores. A lot of whirlpools, rapids. The current very strong. Before the dam the river slightly slows down, then speeds up again. Dam in Magyarlak - portage 200m on the right. Then, just after the bridge (under the bridge rapids) comfortable camping in the village Csörötnek (hot water, toilet, shelters, camping fee in the green house near the bridge). In the village two shops.

Day 2.
A lot of meanders, along the way one private camping, there are no obstacles in the stream, fast current.

Day 3.
Camping Csákánydoroszló. simple but cheap, just after the bridge. In the center of the village shops and restaurants (4km from the campsite).
Further, the river is calmer with fewer obstacles. All the time without the possibility of camping in the wild. Dam before Kormend portage 100m on the right side, take the left arm. In Kornmed restaurant and shop. Camping in Rábahídvég poor with surly owner and poor toilet. Bar also weak.

Day 4.
To Rum river as calm, but still fast with single difficult places. More broadly, is still a lack of places to go ashore. The edges of densely overgrown.
In Rum is a good restaurant. Bad way to go out but it is possible to pitch a tent behind the bridge (the lack of infrastructure). So far or high bank, or densely overgrown.
Dam in Ikervar: portage 300m on the right, take right branch. In the channel less water.
Ikervar - you can pitch a tent on court near the bridge (lack of facilities, or water), but exit from river is bad. In the village is a shop.

Day 5.
From Sarvar less water, but here there are threes in streambed. Weak course. Both branches come together in Sarvar.
In Sarvar a lot of hotels and pensions, but there is a possibility of accommodation in a tent on the shafts (poor living conditions, only grass - lack of infrastructure, only grass). The city worth visiting. Tesco just across the bridge.
For Sarvar river slows, fewer obstacles in the current, wirpooles are rarer. There are banks of stones probably good enough for tent.
Ostfyasonyfa - convenient place to camp just before the bridge: the lack of water, or infrastructure, but a large meadow. Since this place the edges are getting less and less overgrown. You can already find a place suitable to stay in the wild.
Dam in Nick - portage on the left 400m. We're going left channel. Behind dam is convenient place to camping (camping infrastructure it is, but it can be closed, but despite this there is a good place for pinch a tent), nearby is the bar.

Day 6.
The river accelerates but obstacles in the current are less numerous. The edges are less overgrown and lower.
Papoc - beautiful, wild place for camping.
Udvozoljuk Vagon - a beautiful place for camping: tables, restroom, a large meadow, fireplace.
Near the village Varkeszo large space for pinch a tent: tables, toilet, fireplaces.
Before the bridge in Arpas bivouac: fireplace, tables, grass. In the village is a shop.

Day 7.
Current moderately low, less obstacles in streambed.
From Arpas boring channel with a weak current just to Gyor.
Alpokalja Motel és Kemping Füzesi út 8. tel.+36 94 554 459
good place for wild camp
camp possibility, tables, grass
perfect place for camp
looks good for wild camping
probably good for wild camp
Vízi Vándor Táborhely +36 30 37 67 978 [email protected]
+36 94 541 022 [email protected] tani i elegancki camping gminny
Rába Szabadidő- és Sportcentrum + 36 30 2261 241
Árvíz Presszó Sátorozó- és kikötőhely +36 94 422 307 pivat campsite
Poniżej zapory na lewym brzegu
Berek Sátorozóhely +36 20 457 99 01 [email protected]
Árvíz Presszó Sátorozó- és kikötőhely +36 94 422 307
płyniemy prawą odnogą bystrza!
portage left 300m


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