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w pobliżu Killarney Shores, Florida (United States)

While I am usually not an outdoorsy type of person, I absolutely love coming to all wet sports! My fiance and son started by surprising me with the 4 hour kayak rental to which I was admitted not thrilled. However, after I went along reluctanctly, I found out I was more outdoorsy as I thought! Jacob and Zach did a very good job of loading us onto the creek on their private ramp! We got the backrest, trust me even for 15 minutes it is well worth the extra $6. The creek was way more shaded than I thought it was going to be and it was easy not to fall in! The creek was very pretty and I enjoyed every minute of padding on it (maybe because I was in a tandem with my guy). Anyways, I had a marvelous time! Thank you AWS!

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