• Zdjęcie Goodland To PUMPKIN RIVER - Dec 17, 2014

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Recorded grudnia 2014

16 m
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w pobliżu Goodland, Florida (United States)

Interesting paddle with Ron Martin and Kirk Otto past Dismal Key to Pumkin Bay and on to the Pumpkin River
Ron Martin, Kirk Otto & Phares Heindl paddled from the Goodland Boat Ramp to the Pumpkin River. We stopped at Dismal Key and at a Calusa mound about half way up the Pumplin River.

The tide gave us a nice ride into the Pumpkin Bay making an effortless speed of 6-7 mph in the Dismal Key Channel. We arrived at Pumpkin River shortly before high tide and paddled up the river untill it narrowed into a mangrove creek and returned to visit the Calusa Mound.


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