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13,66 nm

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w pobliżu Goodland, Florida (United States)

Phares and Diane Anderson left from Goodland Boating Park and headed out through Coon Key Pass to the Gulf. There was a moderate chop although the forecast said the wind was only 2 knots. At Turtlette Key we turned and surfed to Creek #1. The route took us though six creeks back and forth to Buttonwood Bay. We encountered a few places with oyster beds that we had to paddle around, but it was mostly good. Low tide was 12:14 PM, with a height of 1.4'. We launched at 8:00 A.M.

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  • Zdjęcie Phares Heindl

    Phares Heindl 2016-08-19

    This is a top route and very difficult without very careful navigation. Also it is very tide sensitive both for depth ad current. A real find.

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