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w pobliżu  Gander, Newfoundland (Canada)

We had a slow and late start this am. We started off with a blowout on the back right tire, which Joe repaired right beside a Tim Hortons- very convenient location if you ask me! Then we needed an air filter for the Polaris sportsmen and we stop at one of the dealership in Gander. By the time we were ready to hit the trails it was already 11:00 am.

One of the location that we wanted to lunch at as per the trail blog we are following, was all gated in and construction was going on. We stoped further ahead but had we known we would have stopped 6.2 km before the bridge.

All in all great day. We arrived at Badger at 6:00 pm.
Just out of Banger
Perfect camping spot 30 km out of Gander
10km out of Appleton
Smoking brake
Norris Arm


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