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w pobliżu  Ptokhokomíon, West Greece (Greece)

Nice road bike ride with quite a few climbs! Patra - 111 - Kalentzi - Elliniko - Chalandritsa - Patra. Second road bike ride ever, first with my new bike: Fuji Roubaix One.3 :-D Awesome!!

0,0k at 10m - Pl Papandreaou. Meeting point to leave Patra with road 111 in direction to Kalavryta/Tripoli. Steady easy climb with high cadence and fair speed.

6,5k at 75m - Detour via Thea. Small detour from road 111 through local roads and village Thea. Much less traffic.

9,8k at 220m - Road 111. Back on main road. Long section with 111 with very few mild climbs, longer flat parts and some fast descents. Learning correct gearing/cadence and how to work in a group...

30,5k at 350m - Avrami, turn towards Kalentzi. Left from the main road 111 and onto local roads towards Erymanthia and Kalentzi. First 4-5k are still fairly easy with very mild climb (~2%). Later the real fun starts :-P 7k with +450m elevation gain (~6,5-7% avg grade). Big work to do to get up there :-D

42,5k at 905m - Kalentzi, main square. Finally... legs could rest. Amazing views (see photos) from the main square! Some deserved snack, a bit of rest, water refill and off we went: cool fast descent all the way down to 111.

54,2k at 350m - Back on 111. Working in a group (1min in the front) all the way from Erymanthia, 111 until turn to another climb of the day.

66,7k at 150m - Off 111, climb to Elliniko. Again first ~4k are pretty flat/mild in ascent. Then second fun starts :-P about 5k with 5% grade. I managed to do power tempo until 1/2 of the distance... then I just continued nice and slow with higher cadence :-P

76,6k at 490m - Elliniko. Quick snack, photo session of new bike, water refill and back home... First some nice descent same road we came, then mild section to Chalandritsa with only one steep climb in the village.

86,2k at 350m - Chalandritsa. Very few small climbs left (which felt easy after Kalentzi and Elliniko) and only descent left...

93,0k at 250m - Again back on 111. Very fast section! 60+km/h! Awesome fun! All the way down to Patra

104,2k at 10m - Venizelou (Entelbeis). Finito! Some calories (icecreams) and coffee before going home. Great day!

I mark it difficult as it was first time for me to do ~5h with good tempo. Great ride, great bike! Next time Kalavryta...

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  • Zdjęcie skifun

    skifun 2014-12-16

    τώρα το κατάλαβα ότι είναι καινούργιο, καλορίζικο λοιπόν και καλές βόλτες

  • Zdjęcie Lehoo

    Lehoo 2014-12-16

    eyxaristw Antoni! Einai fovero!

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