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w pobliżu King William, Texas (United States)

Mission Portals connect San Antonio's four historic missions to the San Antonio River.
An excellent option to spend a day in San Antonio. I started at the Blue Star complex, where you can rent a nice 7 speed city bike for 15 usd for the whole day, Jay will hook you up. The bike place is open from 10 am to 7pm on weekdays, which gives you more than enough time to go through all the missions. The trail is well marked, there are sections in the trail that you'll have to cross a street but people are very respectful of riders. This was a great experience, your ride alongside the San Antonio river where you can spot turtles and different birds throughout. If you want to visit each mission you can park your bike outside, my favorite was Espada mission, takes you back to Spanish times. Hope you enjoy the trail, keep hydrated! it can get pretty hot in a texas summer!
Railroad yard
River fauna
San Antonio river dam
Misión Espada
Misión Capistrano
Whispers Arne Quinze
Misión Concepcion
Blue star bike company


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