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-16 m
7,24 km

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w pobliżu Gkázi, Attica (Greece)

The main dedicated bicycle-lane (ποδηλατόδρομος) Gazi-Faliro branches off to the west at Ilissou and Patmou Street, and then at Patmou and Thessalonikis Street turns to the south, following the train tracks (ΗΣΑΠ) until the Moschato Metro Station. At the Station's east entrance, a pedestrian side-road continues to the south passing parks and children's playgrounds, until it ends at the Kifissos river and its Motorway overpass. Continue to the east, by the Kifissos and climb the stairs of the River's first pedestrian bridge to the south. Continue on the road to the south, running parallel to the train tracks (ΗΣΑΠ), until the first steel pedestrian bridge with the ramp. Cross the tracks over the ramp. Continue to the south and you will soon reach the Olympiacos F.C. Stadium and the Faliro Metro Station (ΗΣΑΠ).


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