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13,99 km

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w pobliżu Gkázi, Attica (Greece)

An easy, urban and seaside ride.
Surfaced roads, dedicated bicycle-lanes, pedestrian roads.
Ride by 3 metro stations [Kerameikos, Tavros, Kalithea, Moschato], 3 Marinas, several beaches and 7 tram stops along the coastline. Got tired? Hop on the metro/tram with your bike. Too hot? Have your bathing suit with you and swim/sunbathe in one the beaches! Can't get enough? Continue along the coastal road to the Cape Sounion to the south, even beyond, if you are determined.
Bicycle-lanes and coastal pedestrian roads can be very crowded on weekends. Beaches can be very crowded on any summer day.
Always use the last car of the train in the metro/tram for your bicycle, no extra charge/ticket for your bike. Max 2 bikes at a time allowed.


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