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w pobliżu Corbyville, Ontàrio (Canada)

We were checking out the area north of Belleville and did some biking followed by a paddle back to where we had left the car.

Our arrival was from the north, so we dropped off the canoe where the Moira River crosses Highway #37 (marked on map as a way point). There is a short road just north of the river on the east side that gets you access to the water and there are some parking spots as well. A few other things were left in the tall grass under the canoe including life jackets, drinking water, paddles, etc.

The next stop (by car) was the Signal Brewery, a craft beer place on the Moira that has a nice patio overlooking the river (and also our start and stop point). We unloaded the bikes and were on our way to our canoe at the switch point. The bike ride was nice, a combination of trails, paved road, unassumed roads and ended with a 2-3 minute stretch on Highway #37. The bike portion was about 10 km in length and took us about an hour to complete peddling at a leisurely pace.

The river portion exceeded our expectations. While the Moira has some grassy/reedy spots, overall it was quite nice with some great scenery and lots of bird sightings. Our trip was in August of a very dry summer so at the overhead railway bridge we walked across very flat rock and picked our way about a hundred yards or so through shallow and warm water until we could get back into the canoe. Not much of a problem but shorts and proper footwear were nice.

No real difficulty navigating (some guessing on which side of an island to paddle on) followed the river to the Brew Pub and pulled out at the dam. The weather was beautiful and we had a great day. All together, I'd say around 4 hours of action (1 on the bike and 3 in the water) and well worth it.

Harmony Road

Leaving the trail with a right turn onto Harmony Road

Shaw Road

Turn left onto Shaw Road. The paved surface gives way to dirt, signage indicates that cars can't make it through, we were fine on bikes.

Hwy 37 - major roadway

We waited for the traffic to clear and then made a quick dash to our turn off point and managed to make it before any vehicles in our lane went by us. There was a wide paved shoulder and it only took a couple of minutes to complete.

Rapids, shallow water

We had to get out of the canoe and walked about a hundred yards in ankle deep water, towing, sometimes dragging the canoe over rocks. Footing was good, water was clean and warm. Lots of fish in the area.


Pulled out on the high side of the dam and floated the empty canoe over the falls to an area of the river bank that was fairly easy to climb.

Cycle end, begin Canoe

This is the first spot we drove to where we dropped off the canoe, paddles, life jackets etc. When we arrived the second time we got off the bikes and locked them to a tree and headed out in the canoe. Our third visit, on the way home, was to pick up the bikes.


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