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w pobliżu Arma di Taggia, Liguria (Italia)

Trip for the racing bike. Start is in Arma di Taggia. You then follow the Argentina river valley via SP548 to Taggia and then up to the SP54, which climbs out of the Oxentina valley up to an unnamed pass at 1048 m. From here you descend to the Passo Ghimbegna at 898 meters. Here you have a nice view of the picturesque village of Baiardo, perched on a hill. This is also a nice place for coffee or lunch at the central piazzale, as you go downhill from here to the coast at Ventimiglia via the picturesque towns of Apricale and Dolceacqua. On the coast you first follow the Via Aurelia to Bordighera, where the route takes the small road between the railroad and the beach to avoid the dense traffic on the SP1/Via Aurelia. Between Bordighera and Ospedaletti and Ospedaletti and San Remo you follow SP1 on a small climb outside town. In San Remo the old railroad has turned into a convenient cycling path and you follow this road back to Arma di Taggia. The SP54 road climbing to the pass at 1048 m is small and very quiet, as well as the SP63 going down from Baiardo to Isolabona. The SP548 and the SP64 from Isolabona to Ventimiglia have considerably more traffic, and the coastal roads can be very busy. I started this track very early, so the climb was mostly in the shadow of the mountain. Woods shade the last few kilometers of the climb as well. Around Baiardo you have magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. Route Arma di Taggia-Taggia-Argallo-Vignai-Passo Ghimbegna-Baiardo-Apricale-Isolabona-Dolceacque-Ventimiglia-Bordighera-Ospedaletti-San Remo-Arma di Taggia.


Picturesque town perched on a hill. The track goes up to the central square where you can have a coffee. From the town you have good views of the surrounding mountains up to the alps.


In Bordighera you turn off the Via Aurelia/SP1 via some small alley to get onto the small road next to the beach. Part of the way is meant for pedestrians, so watch out. You have a beautiful view of the coast into France as well as the blue Mediterranean.

Passo Ghimbegna

This pass is the highest point of the road from San Remo to Baiardo and offers nice views of Baiardo.

Passo SP54

I could not find a proper name for this pass at 1048 m, the highest point of the route. It is near Monte Arpiscella and Monte Collettazzo.

San Remo

At San Remo, the old railroad has been converted in a cycle path cum footpath, which makes for convenient cycling close to the coast. Between San Remo and Arma di Taggia the cycle path continues and passes through a few tunnels, which gives a nice effect. San Remo is also nice for lunching at the beach...


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