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Współrzędne 7199

Uploaded 3 lutego 2018

Recorded czerwca 2017

1 694 m
233 m
480,29 km

Obejrzane 59 razy, pobrane 13 razy

w pobliżu  Hrebenne, Lubelskie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

TET Ukraine

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  • Zdjęcie redballrun

    redballrun 2018-08-12

    You have posted a copy of a TET GPX.

    This is an out of date GPX and may lead you into conflict with local communities, people and potentially the law.

    The GPX was copied from the website and is available there as a free to download most up to date version.

    We have asked people not to post copies of the GPXs on file sharing sites like Wikiloc as by doing so people may have problems and bring the TET (a community run not for profit project) into disrepute with both users and the inhabitants of areas they pass through. Worse still, file sharing out of date versions may lead to the end of the TET as a project.

    Would the poster of this GPX please either delete it or change the settings of the file to "Private" and change its name.


    John Ross, Director, Trans Euro Trail Community Interest Company

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