197 m
93 m
22,46 km

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w pobliżu São Marcos da Serra, Faro (Portugal)

I have listed this route as easy but however be warned there is a fairly tricky hill climb within the first 2km from the start point in Sao Marcos da Serra. As the route leaves the tarmac on the outskirts of the village the trail winds its way up the hill with the rocky climbs getting steeper. I recommend this section is done on a lighter weight trail bike or can be done with a larger adventure bike with an experienced rider and well equipped bike. You can easily bypass this section by staying on the road and turning left at the junction at the end of the road, this will put you back on the route.
The rest is very easy with one or two small hill climbs, otherwise all wide open tracks with only about 3km of tarmac in the whole route.


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