• Zdjęcie Rolls HOV 2018-01-14
  • Zdjęcie Rolls HOV 2018-01-14
  • Zdjęcie Rolls HOV 2018-01-14
  • Zdjęcie Rolls HOV 2018-01-14
  • Zdjęcie Rolls HOV 2018-01-14

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Uploaded 14 stycznia 2018

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w pobliżu Tortilla Flat, Arizona (United States)

How to get there: There are two ways to get to Rolls OHV Area. The first is the Pobrecito Staging Area, located in the southern portion of the OHV area. To access this staging area, from the I-10/51/Loop 202 interchange, head east on Loop 202 for 12.1 miles. Take exit 13 (Country Club Dr.) and proceed onto Arizona 87. Follow this for 21.7 miles until you come to the Bush Highway, then turn right. Follow the Bush Highway for 2.4 miles until you come to a boat trailer parking lot, then proceed to the dirt area. If you want to access the main staging area, located in the north of the OHV area, follow the same directions but follow AZ-87 for an additional 5 miles to Four Peaks Rd. Turn right and then follow the road to a large staging area about a mile down the road.

The trails: Like Boulders OHV Area near Lake Pleasant, it is easiest to divide Rolls OHV Area into two sections, north and south. The northern section, which includes Routes 1863, 1832, 1343, 143, 401 and 13 are all relatively easy. Loop them all together and make a roughly 15 mile loop that will take a couple of hours. The southern section is for more aggressive riders. However, only the bottom southeastern portion of the OHV area is considered difficult, which includes Routes 1829 and 1844. Steep hills and sharp turns will meet you in this area. The southwestern section, which includes Routes 13, 1808, 1813, and 1830 are all easy like the northern half. Loop all of these together (difficult sections included) and you’ll have a good half a day trip of 26 miles.

Summary/Trail Ratings: Overall this is a great place to go out riding and have some fun. With varying difficulties, you’re bound to find suitable trails. Special thanks to Charles Wells and the Arizona Game & Fish Department for all the information they have published on this area.

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