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  • Zdjęcie Riverview sampler
  • Zdjęcie Riverview sampler

Moving time  50 minut

Czas  53 minut

Współrzędne 1602

Uploaded 8 lipca 2019

Recorded lipca 2019

132 m
25 m
29,66 km

Obejrzane 13 razy, pobrane 2 razy

w pobliżu Gunningsville, Nova Brunsvic (Canada)

Bit of everything here. The beginning starts st an easy to access or unload area and the trails are fairly moderate difficulty. The later part of the trail is more difficult on this trail but you can end at the second pine glen crossing and loop back if need be. This path takes you to an old abandoned airport strip, rocky hills and banked sand corners as well as muddy and wet sections they are tight

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  • mattr6 2019-07-08

    covers his license plate. can't be trusted.

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