1 194 m
265 m
381,44 km

Obejrzane 1459 razy, pobrane 60 razy

w pobliżu Pogradec, Korçë (Albania)

A long route from Pogradec to Valbone. It's off-road for the 50% but the road is under construction so maybe in the next time will be 100% tarmac. When you are in kukes don't take the Highway for go in valbone, the road near fierza Lake is longer, more dangerous and really not drivable if you have fear of heights.
Good Luck!

You can see all the Way here on the Albanian Trip Edit:

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  • Zdjęcie tomislaw

    tomislaw 2019-12-29

    Hi. how long did it take to come from Kukes to Valbona?

You can or this trail