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w pobliżu Kampung Tuit, Pahang (မလေးရှား)

The is the Offroad Trail route to Kg. Mat Daling which is at Ulu Sg. Tembeling Pahang. Any Dual Purpose and Enduro Bike should be able to make it in less than 6 hrs to reach Kg. mat Daling and another 6 hrs from Kg. mat Daling to the exit at Tekam Utara. Fuel is normally mixed with 2T at Kg.Pagi except at kg. Mat Daling, so it is advised for rider to refuel at Kuala Tahan and again at Kg. Mat Daling. Here the local are selling a litre of petrol at RM3.00
The is after about 2hrs from Kg. Mat Daling and also the most suitable point to rest for lunch.
Chalet is at RM50.00 per unit and can accomodate 3 person (1dbl+2sgl bed). Meals can be arrange at RM15.00 per day / per person (local menu)
The location where the BMW GS1200ADV stranded in between two ruts while trying to negotiating the climb.

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  • Zdjęcie pedro2

    pedro2 2017-07-31

    Hi NZMMcGyver,

    Do you think that that route can be done with an offroad bicycle? Is it very muddy and slippery?

    Terima kasih,

  • Zdjęcie nzmmcgyver

    nzmmcgyver 2017-08-01

    Yes its possible with MTB but expect the travel time to be double. Now the road from starting point till Kg Pagi should have been tarmac.

    I suggest that you ride with a buddy (2-4 riders) as bigger than that will slower your pace. Maue sure enough water and snack as you wont see any village for the next 4-5 hrs untill you reach Mat Daling.

  • Zdjęcie pedro2

    pedro2 2017-08-05

    Thank you very much for the information. Is Mat Daling village in the waypoint marked as Chalet Ayah Wan? I imagine that it will be possible to find a place to stay or camp there. Thanks again!

  • Zdjęcie nzmmcgyver

    nzmmcgyver 2017-08-06

    Yes, Chalet Ayah Wan is at Kg. Mat Daling and is mark in the route.

  • Zdjęcie nzmmcgyver

    nzmmcgyver 2017-08-06

    Check the chalet mark as Pak Engku Chalet at Google Map under satelite view.

    Type Kg Mat Daling when you google! Cant find .... than let me whatsapp you!

  • Zdjęcie nzmmcgyver

    nzmmcgyver 2017-08-06

    The chalet GPS cordinates is
    Pak Engku Chalet
    N 4.454848, E 102.654848

  • Zdjęcie nzmmcgyver
  • Zdjęcie pedro2

    pedro2 2017-08-06

    All noted. Thank you very much for all the information and safe rides!

  • Zdjęcie AHO1917

    AHO1917 2017-08-16

    Hello there
    We are planning for a weekend trip using 4x4

    Any issues if you follow your trail?


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