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w pobliżu Corn Creek (historical), Nevada (United States)

Mormon Well Trail is a beautiful trail whose only downfall is that the road has been irreparably damaged by flash floods at about the 30 mile point and it is doubtful that it will ever be repaired. The damage does not even allow the passage of motorcycles.

The first few miles are smooth dirt roads that are well cared for. The next 15 miles are fairly rough requiring very good tires, but is easily transversed by motorcycles or 4x4. Near the end of the trail is a beautiful camping area with restrooms. The campground is above 6000 feet so it is quite pleasant in the middle of summer. Large pine trees abound.

This trail is so close to Las Vegas that it allows a quick afternoon wilderness trip for the entire family to enjoy.
A "My2Wheels" group that I met at the start of the trip. I met them again at the end of the trip.

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