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w pobliżu Mesquite, Nevada (United States)

This road goes from Mesquite to St George through back country trails.

The first few miles are very smooth Nevada desert and can be very deceiving. The next 8 miles is very rough and is only suitable for 4x4, quads or motorcycles. I would not recommend any car you value taking this road. Lots of beautiful scenery though. The remaining 45 miles varies from slow speed rocky road to high speed packed volcanic road including a 5 mile stretch of a volcanic dust road that could be a problem for motorcycles.

It's a very lonely ride for a 45 miles stretch. I wouldn't recommend taking this road alone on a motorcycle. You may want to consider taking some extra tools - perhaps even a jackhammer and a road grader. It's a hell of a trip.
Incredible meadow at a high altitude.


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