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w pobliżu  Ryan, California (United States)

Dante's View Trail is located off of Highway 190 just inside the Death Valley National Park. The road is a well maintained paved road with no sign of flash flood intrusion. The road is approximately 13 miles long and is suitable for any type of vehicle. Approximately 9 miles up the road, no trailers are permitted and there is ample parking at that point. Approximately two miles from the end, the road has an incline of 15%.

The road ends at an overlook with ample parking. The overlook is over a mile high and looks over the entire Death Valley. Lots of short hiking trails to give you the advantage of beautiful photo opportunities. From this vantage point, you can see both ends of the valley. Telescope peak is almost directly across the valley.

Dante's view sits above the floor of death valley where a giant Lake Manly dominated the valley 10,000 years ago. The lake was 600 feet deep and 100 miles long. Evidence of the lake is everywhere.

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    While well paved, the last quarter mile is a steep incline with tight switchbacks.

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