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w pobliżu  Badwater, California (United States)

Artist's Palette Trail is approximately 8.5 miles South of the intersection of Highway 190 and Badwater Road in Death Valley. It is a paved one-way road and is approximately 8 miles long. It is suitable for any type of vehicle.

This is an incredibly beautiful trail that defies adequate description. It is a cacophony of color. Every color of the rainbow with some to spare. Be sure to bring your camera. The trail winds through the hills like a roller coaster with surprises at every turn. Lots of places to stop and take pictures.

If you ever get a chance to visit Death Valley, don't miss this. Spring is the very best time to go. The autumn is generally a time to fix the damage caused by fall monsoon flash floods and many of the roads may be closed. It doesn't rain much there, but when it does, there are flash floods everywhere. While I was there, the entire south entrance was closed and many of the best places to visit were closed.


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