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w pobliżu  Duhringe Pass, Oklahoma (United States)

Mostly back roads / dirt roads using sections of the Oklahoma Adventure Trail.
Starting at Wichita Mountains with a scenic look at Bison, Prairie Dogs, Elk and cows. On the road to Forty Foot Hole we ran side by side with a big elk. Glad she turned off into the woods!
This was really a fun adventure motorcycle ride on varied terrain. We rode dirt, stone. shale, muddy and sandy roads. The shale is really slick when wet.
** The route north of Lake Altus was impassable because of recent rain. This was also too sandy and deep to tackle alone on a fully loaded bike. We looked at the road where the OAT trail exited after crossing the stream and it was really slick and muddy. Glad we turned around.

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Watch out for Elk on the road.
Beautiful field of Sunflowers.


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