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Uploaded 24 kwietnia 2011

Recorded kwietnia 2011

65 m
-7 m
10,36 km

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w pobliżu Zhongcun, Guangdong Sheng (China)

GZ H3 Run #1098 was hared by Cougar Bait and Double-0 Dirk at Da Lu Shan on 16 April 2011. Attended by over 50 hashers ready and willing to see what German planning, ingenuity and discipline could produce. We got what we expected. Between dodging weekend bikers who drive no better on park lanes than they do on the highway, confusing markings that caused us to miss part of the trail and one hare who claimed a toe injury from bedroom exercises the night before!

Very notable hash in that Hunka Spunk got lost and couldn't find his way back to the bus even though it was an A-A run. Poor Hunka ended up taking a taxi back to the Mango Bar and made Tony pay the cab fare plus ran up a tab until we could get back with his wallet. As he wasn't there to drink beer after the hash we definitely ran a profit for the day!

Stayed out near the run site for dinner and had a nice meal with many follow on downdowns!


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