2 273 m
1 110 m
17,07 km

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w pobliżu Meydān-e Valī‘aşr, Tehrān (Iran)

On foot Tehran city- Street jogging + Park running(FEB. 20, 2018).
From: Enghelab St.-Ferdowsi CIR ( 0 km)
And: Tehran University
And: Navab EXPWY-Jomhouri CIR
To: Velayat park (11 km)
Ended: Velayat park-running 06 turns(44.3 km)
«My wikiloc app dos not record last 05 turns. I do not know why»
Runner/ Hiker( 1 peoples): Abbas ASADI
-After many weeks of polluted weather in Tehran, Today is holiday and sun is shining , wind is breezing fast, weather is almost clean.
-All thing says me: "Abbas stand up, today is your day to run real distance here, across Tehran"
"On foot hecto-year: Live natural" on lovely green-turquoise earth.
"Hezarmasjed cross country running"


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