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Współrzędne 1977

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w pobliżu  Kastel, Hessen (Deutschland)

This running circuit is a highly recommendable extension of the most well known and highly popular running circuit in Mainz, the "Three bridges running circuit" ("Drei-Brücken-Tour"; Wikiloc id=6664933).

It continues further along the Main river, past beautiful floodplain meadows and then crosses the Main river over the barrage & sluice in Kostheim (Staustufe & Schleuse Kostheim).
Start at the Fischtorplatz (with parking); view to the Cathedral (Dom)
Beach at the Bastion von Schönborn (Mainz-Kastel)
The Main river joining the Rhine river from the left
Viewing platform in Kostheim
View from the platform
The beautiful floodplain meadows of Kastel
Alternative route: you can descend already here into the meadows and continue in paralel to the trail on the dam
Take a right and descend to the meadows
Here the alternative trail joins this trail again
Barrage & sluice in Kostheim (Staustufe & Schleuse Kostheim)
River cruise ship entering the sluice (Schleuse)
River cruise ship entering the sluice (Schleuse) - 2
View towards the paper mill in Kosteim, which we passed earlier
Containerterminal Gustavsburg
On the railway bridge, crossing floodplain meadows
Deckchairs at the Bootshaus (Restaurant)
N'Eis has the best icecream in Mainz


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