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Mainz running trail # 1: 'Three bridges running circuit' ('Drei-Brücken-Tour') -- THE jogging tour in Mainz

It is officially named the "three bridges running circuit" because you cross six bridges ... three of which are bigger than the rest.

There is enough light from the city to run at night, even though there are no streetlights on the other side of the Rhine river (on the "Maaraue"). I love the city lights reflecting on the river late in the evening.

My personal best is 38 min -- but I took a little longer this time because of all the photos & waypoints ;)

If you are looking for another jogging circuit in Mainz of roughly the same length, have a look at this one:

Here is the link to a highly recommendable extension (12,5 km) of the "Three bridges running circuit" (Wikoloc id=25451104). It continues further along the Main river, past beautiful floodplain meadows and then crosses the Main river over the barrage & sluice in Kostheim (Staustufe & Schleuse Kostheim):
View from the bridge over the entry to the "Winterhafen" (winter port)
Take a right onto the ramp and cross the railroad bridge
View from the "Maaraue" towards Mainz after sunset
You have that beautiful view all the way along the "Maaraue"
Beach with cocktail catering & view to the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge
View from the top of the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge towards Mainz
View from the top of the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge towards Mainz. People in Mainz like to party on the squares in downtown. Here you can see one of the popular fairs.


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