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w pobliżu Iaşi, Iaşi (România)

Iaşi is a sad place at the edge of Europe, with more cars than trees and little to no civic education. Finding a decent running trail is challenging.

Breathable air is known to exist NE of the city centre, in an area known as 'Copou'. Due to this and to other reasons (mainly related to snobbery, students and/or the national sport of staring at each other while pretending not to care), the area is infested by natives. These are humanoid creatures, loud but usually harmless, who tend to conglomerate along Carol St. (aka 'Copou' Blvd). Many of these possess cars and other loud things that may come across as motorcycles, but in reality are scrapped metal from Germany. These are to be avoided at all costs.

The trail circumvents - as much as possible - the (most) populated areas.



more natives.


unavoidable natives.


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